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 Wool Blanket - Simple Mod

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Wool Blanket - Simple Mod Empty
PostSubject: Wool Blanket - Simple Mod   Wool Blanket - Simple Mod EmptyTue 28 Aug 2018, 17:17

So during the spring, summer & autumn I like a wool blanket/down throw in the hammock for ease of entry and exit (I use a Carinthia defense 4 when it biting cold). However I have been getting a bit bored of waking up with my blanket on the ground.

So I thought of a simple quick fix of just running the foot end and halfway up the blanket as a solution. I could put a trapezoid foot section in but I like simples & laziness.

Will let you know if it works.

Any other suggestions welcomed.
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Wool Blanket - Simple Mod
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